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Cheap College Books/Programs Reviews

December 2, 2008

I see so many books or programs advertised everywhere claiming to show you how to get tons of free money for school, or for whatever else your heart desires. We’re focused on free cheap college here, so I thought an honest review of a few of these products is in order. Just a word to the wise, a lot of the info for sale out there is the same: how to get grants and scholarships. With a lot of research you can find out a lot of this info on your own. The information products I have reviewed here are a good representation of what’s available, however I think the first two are unique because of how their methods break from traditional advice, which adds a lot of value to the info. More reviews will be added as products are brought to my attention.

How To Get A College Degree For Almost Nothing
by Jason Lee
Rating: 8/10

For the cheap price this is really good information. I was drawn to this ebook because it is not focused on scholarships or grants. The author demonstrates several different techniques that he is using to go to a State College basically for free. The ebook is pretty short (67 pages) and to the point, but that doesn’t detract from it’s value at all. If anything it makes it easier to read and supports that fact that getting free tuition is something anyone can do. There are a lot of links to free colleges which is a great option for some people, and it briefly cites examples of well known employers and thier tuition reimbursement benefits, but the real secret that he reveals is how you can get free tuition at almost any college you like. Well worth the small asking price, this ebook will really show you how anyone with a will can get their college tuition paid for. Great ebook & great price!

The Scholarship and Grant Guide by Jerry Bohlken Rating 8/10

More than just a guide, this is a truly comprehensive program that will help you find grants and scholarships that you never knew existed. I know that I was surprised, at least. It’s a little pricey at $47, but you get a TON of grant and scholarship resources and lifetime membership to the site. You will learn about and gain access to scholarship directories, grant money sites, state funds, federal funds, sources for money from foundations, sources of money for minority students, returning adults, graduate students, international students, online students, and lots more resources. The sales page here makes some pretty high claims, but you really do get a lot for your money and there is a money back guarantee. I am giving it an 8 out of 10 because of the high price tag, but the info is top notch

How To Send Your Child To College For Free by Barry Simmons                                                       Rating: 6/10

This is an ok ebook but it focuses on traditional grants and scholarships. Mostly it’s consolidated information that is easy to find for free on the internet. It could save you some research time, but for the price your money is much better spent on the aforementioned College Scolarship And Grant Guide.

Well, that’s all the products I can afford to review right now, but please, if you come across any (good OR bad!) contact me and I’ll look into them!!